This site was primarily put together to present a graphical view of Road Race tracks in the U.S.

Because of this simple goal, it does not attempt to replace several other sites that list various race tracks. Some of these other sites, such as na-motorsports.com provide additional information not found here, such as track history and racers' perspective of a lap around some tracks.

Also, since this site is focused on Road Race tracks, there may be ovals, drag-strips, and other types of facilities that will not be found on this site. Dirt-tracks have deliberately been omitted in favor of paved surface tracks. The oval tracks, drag-racing tracks, and the few kart racing tracks that are listed are presented to provide a graphical view of where a major organization, such as NASCAR, holds their series events. To this end, viewing the site with all technology enabled can provide an excellent overview from the USA Map page of where a series runs.

The user should be aware of these limitations when using specific search criteria - results may not be all inclusive of tracks that support the chosen type of racing or of where a chosen organization sanctions events.

However, your support in contributing to the accuracy of the information in this site is greatly appreciated. If you have found a discrepancy, or have additional information which is currently missing from this site please e-mail the details (including online reference(s) that supports the changed/new information) to: admin@roadracetracks.com

The information found in this site has been based upon publicly available information. RoadRaceTracks.com DOES NOT GUARANTEE THE ACCURACY OF INFORMATION FOUND WITHIN THIS SITE, and accepts no responsibility of any kind extending from the use of the information.

If you are interested in advertising on this site, or have an existing advertising complaint or correction, or wish to terminate an existing advertising agreement, please e-mail: admin@roadracetracks.com

If you have found a technical problem with the site, such as a broken link to one of the site's pages, please e-mail: admin@roadracetracks.com. If you are unsure whether the problem lies with this site or your use of the site, you may first wish to visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.



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