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A comprehensive collection of motorsports links. There is detailed information about organizations, road racing, autocross, time trial, hillclimb and rally clubs & associations, and a comprehensive list of high performance/racecar driving schools.
The National Speedway Directory is another site that attempts to be comprehensive list of all types of tracks, but falls short. For example, for karting they only list 10 tracks, and their Quarter Midget Track list only has 3 tracks. However, across all of the different types, from road courses to power boat regattas, it is certainly broad in its ambitions, and based on it's name, I suspect it is fairly comprehensive in terms of paved oval tracks (dirt tracks are notoriously hard to pin down, and I suspect - see below - does a better job for these, since it is their focus).
This site hosts a comprehensive list of racing circuits around the world. Its shortcoming is that it has not been updated in a long time (e.g. the Circuit of the Americas track in Texas, which hosts the U.S. round of the F1 World Championship, is not listed). But it is nevertheless a useful site if you want a list of tracks in countries other than the U.S. - such sites are very sparse - and useful if you're interested in historical tracks (no longer in operation) since it lists many that were closed long ago. The site makes an important point that I'll repeat here: is it hosted on without the permission of the original website designer, Dan King, but is there until the webmaster of The Fastlane is contacted by the original webmaster to remove it, or the original website becomes available again.
This site hosts a comprehensive list of dirt (and clay) tracks. It appears to me to be comprehensive, user friendly (not an overwealming amount of ads), and kept up to date (e.g. I noticed a dirt track that closed in 2015 was removed from the list in 2016).
This is Wikipedia's effort at listing auto racing tracks in the U.S. It has the ambitious goal of listing all tracks - dirt ovals, paved ovals, drag strips, figure 8 courses, road race tracks, and street circuits. Maybe because of how broad the goal is, it results in an incomplete list in all categories. To fill out these lists completely would result in a humongous list. If you are a Wikipedia editor and engage in completing this effort I'd recommend separate pages for the different track types. If you credit me, I'll provide my lists for the road race tracks and paved oval tracks lists - which I believe are comprehensive in

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Alfa Romeo Owners Club
Aston Martin Owners Club, North America
Audi World
Austin Healey Club of America
BMW Car Club of America
Cobra Owners Club of America of Orange County
Corvair Society of America
National Council of Corvette Clubs
Ferrari Club of America
Lamborghini Club America
Lotus LTD Club
Mercedes-Benz Club of America
Nissan Z Club
NSX Club of America
Porsche Club of America
Saab Club of North America
Shelby American Automobile Club
SVT Cobra Mustang Club
SVT Owners Association
Volkswagen Club of America

Teen Driving Tips - these are some good links for teen drivers:
The National Safety Council's Teen Driving Pages - an ad-free site with lots of driving tips for teens - an limited-ad site with lots of driving tips for teens



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