Formerly the maps on the site were hand-crafted - back in 2003 Google Maps were new and didn't have nice APIs to build a site like this. So the maps were hand drawn in PowerPoint and rendered in html via XML and VML - a 9 month project. In 2015 the site was rebuilt using Google maps and their API - a 9 hour project! That's progress. Still used Dreamweaver, NotePad, PERL, Javascript, PowerPoint (for editing some of the track maps), Excel, Photoshop, and IE 9 for testing.

This site has been built with minimal technological effort while trying to attain maximum ease of use for the user (you) to find information regarding race tracks. In total, only eleven pieces of software have come together to result in what you see:

MS Internet Explorer 8 - used as the sole test web-browser (testing with Safari is pending)

Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 - used to build all HTML pages

MS Notepad 6.1 - used to write the code for all SHTML pages

PERL (version unknown) - the server-side programming language that accesses the database and builds the dynamic pages; also used as the basis for the search engine

Javascript - used for miscellaneous page functions, such as showing a count of tracks selected, formatting popup windows, etc.

XML - used to manage the map information by segregating the map data in a separate file and drawing the data into the map pages dynamically, as called for by the options chosen

VML (Vector Markup Language) - used to physically build the maps (lines, etc) - more efficient than images (quicker download times), and more flexible (again, given the dynamic nature of information that must be displayed based on the options chosen)

MS PowerPoint - used for map layout integrity

MS Visual Basic - used to generate some of the more complex XML/VML code

MS Excel 2010 - used to manage the database

Adobe Photoshop LE - used to create some images, such as the site's title


Map of USA

Map of Canada
Map of Mexico

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